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  • Melody Media (M-CR610)

  • Melody Media (MCR603)

  • Melody Movie (MER803)

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Melody Speaker (LS502)
This high-quality loudspeaker in glossy piano-black finish is the perfect partner for any of the Melody Series systems. That’s because the power handling, frequency range and connectivity are all optimized for this productline. That’s why this loudspeaker is available only in combination with the Melody Series products. The crossover is equipped with specially selected components and the bi-wiring terminal makes full use of the Melody Music andMelody Media’s bi-amping functionality. The cabinet is made from solid, rigid MDF and the side panels are gentlycurved, for that extra elegant appearance, while the piano-black finishing perfectly suits the high-gloss design of the Melody Media and the Melody Movie. Melody Speakers are only available in combination with a Melody system.