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    The moment you see it, you know it is something special. The front panel and controls are fashioned from metal and the rear sculpted from genuine walnut wood. The retractable docking tray, Gyro control wheel and selection buttons are all engineered to feel solid and confident. While the elegant porthole and its iconic Marantz starburst confirm that you are in the presence of true craftsmanship.

    But that’s just the start. When it plays, it doesn’t just reproduce highquality audio, it floods your senses with energy, emotionality, and passion. With 150 watts of power it effortlessly creates a panoramic stereo image that’s founded on a rich and deep bass performance. And because the “reference quality” tuning is designed by the legendary Ken Ishiwata, every detail is reflected with pin-point accuracy. It gives you wireless audio streaming from any iOS device or iTunes library as well as Android devices and any other network stored media on your PC, Mac or NAS – either wirelessly or directly. It also gives you both a Line-In and a USB port too. A Premium remote controller is included, but already there is an App for the iDevices and Androids. Everything is in place. Why wait a second more, the audiophile Dock is here and it goes by the name of Consolette.

    Balanced Mode Radiator (BMR) Drivers
    Custom designed BMR drivers offer wide uniform dispersion and improved crossover performance
    Dual High-Perfomance Bass Drivers
    Two 4“ bass drivers deliver a fast and deep bass for an engaging Hi-Fi sound
    Full Digital Signal Processing and Amplification
    Pure digital PCM signal processing with low distortion ensure an accurate music reproduction
    Wireless Music Streaming
    From Android or Windows portable (smart) devices and from any PC/Mac® or NAS (Network Attached Storage) drive
    Internet Radio
    Built-in internet radio offering you a multitude of free internet radio stations
    Automatically connects the Consolette to your wireless home network

    View the Consolette in full beauty here:


    The new Marantz Consolette incorporates two specially developed BMR drivers, which - thanks to their unique 180 degree sound dispersion - help create a wide and stable stereo image. An image that has a clear and fixed position for each musical instrument and vocalist. In addition, unlike almost all other speaker docks the Consolette has no irritating hotspot: the one spot where stereo imaging is properly balanced. With the BMR drivers, the Consolette’s stereo image is clearly maintained throughout the room, and most people find this an incredible experience from such a compact unit. Even though the left and right speakers are relatively close together, the special BMR drivers create a wide open sound stage.


    Now you can have the exquisite look and feel of your Marantz Consolette Premium Wireless Music System right in the palm of your hand.