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NR1604 Best Buy Home Cinema Choice

Mar 06, 2014
The Marantz NR1604 AV Receiver has been awarded the Home Cinema Choice Best Buy

Receiving a 4.5 Stars Home Cinema Choice awarded the NR1604 the Best Buy award.

"Marantz has got everything just about right with this network-friendly, slinky AVR. If you don’t want a home cinema monster, but need a well-specified multichannel hub able to make the most of set-top boxes and Blu-ray – and savvy enough for file server and internet streaming – it’s well worth consideration. There’s equal lashings of common sense and pucker high-fidelity DNA on offer here. And if you doubt its prowess, shoot it out against any High Street all-in-one package. This non-Hulk will smash it."

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