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Product Specialist

Product Specialist

Surviving the emotional hurricane
Choosing a new audio system, or upgrading an existing one, is a pretty emotional experience. There’s the desire for the best possible system, the ambition to reach as high as possible, and the dream of finding the perfect soul mate - one that will give you unquestioning exquisite music reproduction, year after year. To a true music lover, buying a car is easy, but buying new HiFi means jumping head-first into an emotional hurricane. That’s why we’ve made sure help is on hand.

Meet your Marantz Matchmaker
Your Marantz Product Specialist is more than just an expert in Marantz systems, he is trained to help you find your true love in audio systems. He will ask all the right questions: like how big your room is, what portable devices you want to connect, and what type of loudspeakers you have. And more. He will ask, so that you can make clear, fact-based decisions. That’s because all Marantz Product Specialists have passed rigorous, and regular self-training programs to ensure they are completely up to date with the latest Marantz products.

2-star and 3-star Product Specialists
Any dealer that displays or is marked by the “Product Specialist” logo has undergone the relevant training and can give you expert advice on which Marantz products will best suit your needs. But Marantz dealers that perform above average in this training are awarded a 2-star logo. Moreover, dealers who perform outstandingly well are awarded a 3-star logo.

So before you make any commitments to a new audio relationship, have a word with your Marantz Matchmaker. Because music matters.